Claire Howard BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy MCSP MAACP

Clinical Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Director of PhysioSynergy

Claire is the resident expert in all sporting injuries and rehabilitation.  With over 2 decades of extensive Musculoskeletal (MSK) experience, Claire’s vast wealth of knowledge and expertise has successfully rehabilitated a wide range of individuals from professional and competitive athlete to club sportsperson, taking them back to full fitness through her exceptional clinical reasoning, assessment, diagnostic and treatment skills.  Claire’s biomechanical assessments are hugely popular and these in turn help facilitate athlete training programmes, therefore making positive improvements in the performance outcomes of athletes through collaborations with various sports coaches.  Claire not only works in clinic but also ‘on location’ and is regularly invited to attend training camps to give her expert opinion on each athlete in ‘their natural environment’.

Claire graduated from Coventry University in 2001 with a First Class Honours Degree in Physiotherapy where she was also awarded the Birmingham Consortium Award for the highest achieving student.  Claire has worked in the private sector throughout her career, running her own successful private physiotherapy practice PhysioSynergy in Oxford and is now located in the East Midlands.  Claire has also worked at Masters level in the NHS as a MSK Clinical Specialist and Extended Scope Practitioner working alongside Consultants in Spinal, Orthopaedic and A+E clinics.  Claire has built up an impeccable reputation during her career receiving referrals and recommendations from GP’s, Consultants, Sports Coaches, Dentists, colleagues and patients alike. Claire’s specialist areas of interest are sports injury rehabilitation, biomechanics, spinal pain and the TMJ.


Telephone: 07870 649 575


Amy Pattenden

Specialist Paediatric Physiotherapist

Amy qualified from Liverpool University in 2004.  After taking some time out to go travelling, she started her career working at Nottingham City Hospital in 2005.  Always knowing that she wanted to work with children, Amy focused her career in Children’s Physiotherapy at Queen’s Medical Centre in 2008, further specialising in Childrens’ Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2009.

Amy works with children from birth to adolescence, with a wide range of needs and requirements and continues to enjoy the rewards of working with children and their families.  Amy has two children and understands the power of play for motivation and confidence thus always tries to bring the fun element to her work, making interactions age appropriate and engaging.


Telephone: 07870 649 575


Cademuir Sports Massage

Graeme holds a level 4 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and also qualifications in kinesiology taping and cupping.  Initially he was going to use the diploma to do massages for charities on event days but was inspired by Claire, whilst receiving treatment on her physio table, to come on board and work from Falcon House.  Here Graeme will bring his experiences from the pitch and love of cycling to provide sports massage to those individuals requiring pre/post event intervention or more ‘maintenance’ work.  Working alongside his Team Synergy colleagues, Graeme can ensure a seamless approach to those referred ‘in-house’.

Graeme has participated in a number of sports including rugby union and cycling.  He is a long-suffering Scotland rugby supporter and a season ticket holder for Leicester Tigers.  He has been a member of Bingham Rugby Club for the past 23 years having represented them on the field and on the committee as Fixture Secretary.  In the past 5 years he joined Vale of Belvoir Cycling Club and has ridden on several sportives from the local Belvoir Blast to Coast to Coast in a day (a very long day in the saddle).

Telephone: 07505 122 702


Sam Chapman – Massage Therapist

Sam became a massage therapist through her own discovery of its benefits: relieving the aches, pains and stresses built up from day to day life such as working long hours, commuting to work, sitting behind a desk or doing manual, physical labour. Sam has years of experience working with a variety of people from varying occupations and recreational activities.

Sam believes that regular massage has so many benefits for people of all generations to support them physically, mentally and emotionally.


Telephone: 07775 714 559


Anna Hitherley

Bowen Therapist and Reflexologist

Anna qualified as a Bowen Therapist to help others in the same way that Bowen had helped her with a disc injury that left her in severe pain making it difficult to stand.  After rejecting the surgeon’s knife and finding that sessions with Chiropractors and Osteopaths didn’t work for her, Anna discovered Bowen Therapy which cured her symptoms. Bowen is an extremely versatile therapy that helps the body to balance and re-align itself.  The sessions are very gentle and non-invasive with gentle rolling moves being made over specific points on the body either on skin or through light clothing, on a couch or if necessary, seated.  It is suitable for all age groups.  Practitioners treat the body as a whole or can target a specific problem by pinpointing stress build up in muscle groups and then releasing it.

Both the Bowen Technique and Reflexology facilitate the body to relax and rebalance. The list of issues that both therapies can assist in alleviating is extensive, ranging from back and musculoskeletal issues to fatigue and emotional problems.
Telephone: 07951 718 098 / 01949 851 816


Janie Beaumont

Naturopath Nutritionist and Life Coach

Using a holistic approach, Janie works with clients to help create lifestyle habits that are sustainable. Allowing individuals to take greater responsibility for their health and general wellbeing by working with the power of food and nature. Her ethos “How you can be the best YOU!”. Naturopathy is a system of preventative and restorative health care which uses science and philosophy.

Creating the most favourable conditions to stimulate and enhance the body’s natural healing power through diet, lifestyle and possibly supplementation, treatment plans are gentle, non-invasive and effective.

Life Coaching encourages one to explore themselves, to unmask potential hidden clues that are the key to personal fulfilment. Working together, Janie will facilitate a positive transformation that results in greater awareness of one’s self and one’s own life.

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Falcon House is a beautiful Georgian property set in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir. Equipped with state of the art facilities, spacious treatment rooms and a relaxing reception area, Falcon House is a joy to visit and the hub of Team Synergy headquarters.

Falcon House.
30 Long Acre,
Nottinghamshire. NG13 8AH


Racehub is a training facility for cyclists, swimmers, triathletes and fitness enthusiasts. With their own triathlon team, Racehub is a place for all sports people who want to have their rehab needs met, train, shop or have a coffee.

Six Hills,
Near Melton Mowbray.
Leicestershire. LE14 3PR


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